By Andrew Rawson

Inspired by conversations with international delegates at the July 2019 FACE annual conference I just thought I would share information on EPALE, another organisation of which I am a member, the Electronic Platform for Adult Learning in Europe (that includes the United Kingdom). EPALE is an Erasmus+ funded community of adult learning professionals, including adult educators and trainers, guidance and support staff, researchers and academics, and policymakers across Europe. It enables members to connect with and learn from colleagues across Europe, through blog posts, forums, the Partner Search tool, and monthly newsletters providing a wealth of high-quality, accurate information relevant for adult learning practitioners, which is complemented with conferences, seminars and meetings.

It is very much user- and member-based and successful because it coordinates the sharing, across Europe, of adult learning resources and events, sources and publishes articles on adult learner topics, enables partnering for projects and offers lively networking to discuss important issues with peers.

EPALES’s national support service in the UK is Ecorys, an employee-owned company that has worked almost exclusively for the public and third sectors for over 80 years who’s specialism is in EU policy, in particular, education and training and we have undertaken a range of research and programme management assignments in the field of lifelong learning for the European Commission, its agencies, as well as for UK stakeholders.

EPALE coordinates really informative, two-monthly themed pieces of work when EPALE’s national teams and the community published many inspiring case studies, articles, reports and other resources on a bespoke topic. In June and July 2019 it was the benefits and challenges of non-formal and informal learning, and the August and September theme is the social inclusion of vulnerable groups.

If you want to join or register with EPALE, or simply find out more here.

Andrew Rawson, Director, Action on Access

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  1. A great blog post by Andrew Rawson describing the work that we do at EPALE. Both FACE and EPALE are committed to improving access to lifelong learning and continuing education and our organisations make a big difference to the world of adult education. EPALE UK’s annual conference will focus on adult learning and workforce development and take place in London on 23 October 2019. The event goes out by private invite initially, but on 30 September it will go public and those keen to attend can register for a ticket and are welcome to do so.

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