By Stéphane Farenga, FACE Executive Member

Robin Ozz,¬†President of the National Association for Developmental Research, said it best during her keynote speech: “No matter the country students are the best part of the conference.”

Once again, this assessment was spot on for FACE 2017. Not only was the physical venue at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland a stimulating environment, thanks to the students present–think walking down hallways and hearing drama students rehearsing or musicians practicing–but the student amnassadors were professional and extremely helpful in helping run the conference.

The real treat though was a series of performances delivered by students on or having just completed the Conservatoire’s access pathway. The delegates were treated to three performances in the main auditorium by:

Follow the links above to watch a short video of each student’s work!

Delegates were stunned by the quality of each performance–not because it was unexpected from these students–but because of the power and raw emotion injected into piece. These three students truly embodied the spirit of the Conservatoire, of the performing arts and of a love of learning.

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