By Prof John Storan

This is the title of  a policy report produced by Hugo Dale-Harris, Policy Officer at HEPI and which came out in July 2019. Hugo kindly accepted an invitation from the FACE Executive to lead a discussion on his report as part of the September Executive Briefing session. We are grateful to Hugo for meeting with the Executive and for facilitating a lively and productive discussion. I have attached the slides from the briefing session which offer a very useful overview of the student survey data which underpins this policy report. Hugo posed the two following quiz type questions to kick off his presentation to the Executive.

  1. What % of students support contextual offers “making lower grade offers to students who grew up in disadvantaged  areas”?
  2. What % of students know if their own institution makes contextual offers?

The answers to these and many other key questions on this topic can be found by downloading the slides below.

FACE contextual offers slides

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